The Best Breakfast Joints In Every State

Breakfast is a big thing in America — both figuratively and literally! From omelets to French toast and anything with bacon, there’s a whole host of tasty options to kick off your day. But which joints serve the ultimate one? Well, let’s find out. We’ve listed the top breakfast and brunch restaurants from all 50 states right here. Bookmark or favorite this webpage, folks!

Alabama: D’Road Cafe

Find it here: 121 Montgomery St., Montgomery AL

Fancy something a little different? Well, Alabama’s D’Road Cafe could be just the ticket. This “Venezuelan-Latin” joint has plenty of exciting options on the menu, including arepas. It’s essentially a cornmeal sandwich loaded with ham, eggs, and cheese. You can get French toast there as well, if you want to stick with what you know!

Alaska: Snow City Cafe

Find it here:1034 W. 4th Ave, Anchorage, AK

Recommendations don’t come much higher than this: according to various media outlets, Snow City Cafe is Alaska’s top breakfast place. In terms of the menu, the Mashed website flagged up one thing in particular called the Tundra Scramble. It’s primarily a scrambled egg dish that also includes mushrooms, onions, cheese, green peppers… and reindeer. Yum!

Arizona: The Bread and Honey House

Find it here: 4700 East Van Buren Street, Phoenix, AZ/4801 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ

Whether you’re into burritos or omelets, The Bread and Honey House is sure to satisfy your taste buds. It’s spread across two locations in Phoenix, capturing the hearts of both tourists and nearby residents. As for the dish to look out for, Yelp users highly recommend the El Hefty Breakfast Sandwich. Among a host of other ingredients, this bad boy houses four scrambled eggs, too.

Arkansas: Susan’s Restaurant

Find it here: 1440 W Sunset Ave., Springdale, AR

Who doesn’t love an all-day breakfast? Saves getting up early! Anyway, that’s just one of the big pulls for Susan’s Restaurant. This Arkansas eatery also boasts a flexible menu. For instance, it includes a “chicken-fried steak special.” But you can ask for “chicken-fried chicken” if the steak doesn’t take your fancy.