40 Bizarre Food Facts

Did you know that fruit like apples, raspberries, pears and strawberries are related to the rose plant? No? Well, you better get ready because there’s a lot more where that came from. Yes, there are some truly crazy food facts out there that will leave you speechless. And we’ve got 40 of them right here. So let’s go!

40. Shredded cheese and sawdust

Shredded cheese or blocks? What do you prefer? If it’s the former, then this fact might just change your mind. According to the website Eater, the grated variety contains an ingredient called cellulose. That’s pretty much sawdust. Huh?! Why’s that there? Well, it’s supposed to stop the cheese from sticking together in the bag. Certain cereals have it too.

39. Just had a baby? Here’s a bagel!

While bagels are often associated with America, their origins can be traced to Poland in the 1300s. Pretty interesting, right? But some three hundred years later, a bizarre piece of legislation was given the green light in Krakow. If a woman just had a baby, you were required to hand her a bagel. As per Ranker, the delicious buns represented a “long, healthy life” at the time.

38. The contents of processed cheese

Following the end of World War II, processed cheese slices hit the market in the United States — years after the product’s creation in Switzerland. How much cheese do the slices actually contain, though? Well, Glamour’s website reports that 51 percent is about as high as it gets. Trust us, that’s not a typo!

37. That’s a lot of burgers

How about this for a set of statistics — over the course of a single day, customers buy 75 hamburgers at McDonald’s restaurants every second. Glamour notes that the figure comes to around 6.5 million every single day. And by the year’s conclusion, you’re looking at 2.5 billion. No wonder Mickey D’s continues to thrive.