Woman's Bizarre Oatmeal Hack Has Caused A Stir Among Breakfast Lovers

There are, of course, plenty of options for a delicious breakfast. But few things go down as well as a hot bowl of porridge. And its delicious taste can be aided by some very tasty toppings – like fruit or honey. But a famed YouTuber got oatmeal fans talking when she revealed a strange hack on social media.

Go-To Breakfast

The reaction to the tip was pretty significant – highlighting that lots of people love their porridge in the morning. So keeping that in mind, we have to ask: why is it a go-to breakfast dish? Besides the great taste, does oatmeal have any kind of impact on your body for the day ahead?

What's In A Bowl?

Well, oatmeal is an incredibly healthy choice in comparison to some other breakfast options. A single bowl is packed full of nutrients, and it’s not too heavy on calories either. Sounds perfect! But what specific contents can you find in typical serving?


To break things down, the Healthline medical website analyzed a 78-gram serving of “dry oats.” That measurement housed a jaw-dropping amount of manganese – covering close to 200 percent of your recommended daily intake. Yes, you’re reading that correctly! You’ll also find over one-third of your daily required magnesium and phosphorus in there, too.

Balancing Out

Healthline noted that the aforementioned serving had helpings of vitamins B1 and B5 as well. And you’ll also take in 51 grams of carbohydrates and 303 calories. So, it’s fair to say that porridge isn’t a one-trick pony when it comes to nutritional value.