40 Things Most Celebrity Chefs Do In Secret But Would Never Admit To

Celebrity chefs have to be at the top of their game, right? Cooking for big stars, running restaurants, TV appearances… they have a great life. But that doesn’t mean they don’t occasionally cut corners. Yes, just like the rest of us civilians, they also use a microwave, eat junk food, and hate washing up. The only difference is, they’ll never admit to it. Not in public at least. Here are 40 secret habits that chefs really don’t want you to know about. And yes, we do almost all of them.

1. Using a microwave

Yes, that last bastion of single men, only ever used for burritos or weird experiments, is enjoying something of a resurgence. Among celeb chefs, anyway. One of whom is Ugly Delicious creator David Chang. He even took to Instagram to confess his fondness for the accessory. He gushed, “The microwave is a machine from the future here in present day.” Gotta love some sci-fi in the kitchen!

2. Not write their own cookbooks

Now, before you get upset, let’s bear in mind that great cooking doesn’t always translate to great writing. Sometimes, a chef needs a little help in the literature department. And that’s where the ghostwriter comes in. They’re generally experienced in the food industry and know how to turn lists and weights into gripping reading. The likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Rachael Ray and Jamie Oliver happily employ the services of a ghost, and it definitely works for them.

3. Tasting food before the judging starts

While you might salivate at the look of the dishes presented on MasterChef, the judges probably aren’t. And that’s because they’re stone cold at the point that judging starts. To help make their decisions, Aussie MasterChef judge George Calombaris revealed their workaround. They taste everything as it’s being cooked, but it’s all done out of shot. Tricksy, right?

4. Spreading germs

Despite how cozy and comfortable celebrity chefs all seem in front of the camera, it seems many of them are missing something vital. According to a 2016 study, TV chefs don’t work according to official health and safety standards. And, apparently, we’re more likely to behave badly in the kitchen after seeing their shows. What series did they study? Good question, and yes, Gordon Ramsey, Jamie Oliver, Martha Stewart, and Ina Garten all featured. But the very well-mannered scientists declined to comment on exactly which chefs were guilty of what. Just bear that in mind next time you eat at one of their restaurants.