Foods That Are Safe To Eat After Their 'Expiration Date'

Take a look in the black hole that you call a fridge. It's probably cluttered with random foods you don't even remember buying that are well past their expiration date. But don't chuck them just yet! Expiration dates, which are often called "sell-by dates" or 'best-by dates," can be looked at as a suggestion for certain food products. Considering we don't want you consuming rancid meat or chunky milk, we'll let you in on the surprising foods that are safe to eat well after their expiration dates.


Mm, those tasty probiotic cultures in Greek and low-fat yogurt are good in the fridge for one to two weeks, no matter its sell-by date. But if your yogurt produces mold or extra fluid, we beg of you to throw it out.


Whether you buy Pam sprays, or artisan olive oil, the USDA says that most cooking oils are safe for up to one year after opening no matter what the label says. Store oils in a dark pantry and screw lids on tightly to prevent oxidation!


"Beans, beans, the musical fruit, the more you eat, the more you toot." You know the song. Well, the flatulent legumes can essentially last for eternity if they're dried out. Cooked beans, on the other hand, should be consumed within five days.

Coffee Creamer

They come in a plethora of flavors. From plain ol' vanilla, to chocolate toffee truffle, the saccharine cream is often loaded with preservatives, therefore it can last for weeks after its best-by date. As a rule, chuck it after it's been open for 3.5 weeks.