30 Game-Changing TikTok Recipes That People Can’t Stop Eating

If there’s anything foodies love doing more than eating, it’s discovering new and exciting recipes to try at home. That’s why TikTok’s food culture — known as #FoodTok — is so popular these days. Weird and wonderful things trend all the time, and the most delicious ones wind up being re-posted repeatedly by different users with unique personal twists. The following game-changing recipes all went viral, are all easy to make, and are adaptable to any palate. Best of all, though, they taste as incredible as they look. Trust us!

1. Dalgona coffee

Cast your mind back to 2020. The world had shut down while we all went into lockdown. People began sharing recipes on social media to a quarantined audience more than ready to try something new to take their minds off the scariness outside. One of the first to truly capture the imagination was the Dalgona coffee, a truly delightful whipped instant coffee drink. We still enjoy one every now and again, and we’ve also tried a few of the other variations which popped up in its wake — whipped strawberry milk and whipped Nutella milk!

2. Tortilla hack wraps

This TikTok hack will make your tortilla wraps extra special — and all you need to do is a bit of math! First, cut a slit from the middle of the wrap to the bottom, then put a different ingredient in each quadrant. Next, use the slit to fold the wrap up, right, then down, and you’ll have a perfectly layered lunch. You can use all kinds of ingredients in each quadrant, from chicken to bacon to red onion to mozzarella cheese. You could even fry or grill the wrap, too!

3. Corn ribs

TikToker Farrah Jalanbo told TODAY, “When I took my first bite it was like an explosion of flavors. I can’t explain why, but it’s so much more fun to eat corn on the cob this way.” What is she talking about, you may ask? Corn ribs, of course! By cutting corn into four, seasoning with spices and olive oil, then cooking in an air fryer, they curl into a rib-like shape. Sprinkle with crumbled cojita cheese and a spicy aioli, and you’ve got a party in your mouth where everyone is invited!

4. Hot chocolate bombs

“You’re not sure when the explosion will happen,” hot chocolate bomb enthusiast Stephanie Omens told The New York Times. “You wait in anticipation. And then, when it does, there’s joy.” She was referring to the trend of hollow chocolate moulds filled with marshmallow and candy being put into a mug, then covered in hot milk. Eventually, the heat leads to the mould dissolving and all the yummy contents spilling out into the milk, making a uniquely fun drink. There’s nothing like a bit of food theater to brighten your day!