Heinz Finally Addresses The Strange Footage Captured At One Of Their Factories

Ketchup — the most universally beloved condiment — has had its share of controversies, and we're not talking about its serious staining power. See, the controversy, in particular, surrounds the most famous ketchup proprietor in the world — Heinz Company — which has had a wide variety of scandals from gross recipes to exploding bottles. But the biggest of them all occurred in 2016 when a shocking video revealed what really goes on inside one of their factories.

Ketchup and controversy

Though, controversy is an ingredient that goes back to the condiment's beginning. Believe it or not, when Henry J. Heinz first started throwing stuff into a vat and calling it a condiment, he had a much different recipe in mind, one involving mayonnaise, sour cream, and one very bitter root.


Yep — the Heinz company that built its name on ketchup actually started out manufacturing horseradish. It was Heinz’s mother’s recipe, and he would make it in the basement of his old house. Unsurprisingly, however, the horseradish — no matter how tasty — simply wasn’t a best-seller.


The company went under, and Heinz scrambled to come up with something else. A little sugar, garlic powder, tomato paste, and imagination later, and Heinz “Catsup” was born. But even from the beginning, even Heinz’s most loyal customers had no idea they were being lied to. 

Look at the label

At first, no one noticed the odd packaging on their favorite ketchup bottle. Suddenly, there was a way to unite even the pickiest of eaters, and all because of Heinz’s undeniably delicious recipe — what could be wrong? Well, no one ever thought to look closely at the label.