Burger King Restaurant Found Fully Intact Behind a Wall at a Mall in Delaware

The Concord Mall has a secret. It’s in the Delaware city of Wilmington and recently made headlines worldwide. That’s because hidden inside the shopping complex was a perfectly preserved beacon of 1980s nostalgia. Step inside, and you’d be transported back in time — or so it would seem.

Changed times

Anyone who was a kid back in the ’80s can surely remember the excitement of going to a fast food restaurant in those days. They had a distinctive look — one we don’t often come across anymore. But, of course, times and tastes have changed significantly since then, and we wouldn’t expect to see places like this again.

Hidden away

And yet, somehow, such a place has remained intact after all these decades. A branch of Burger King that opened up to the public in 1987 has just been discovered, hidden behind a wall at the Concord Mall. Yet, bizarrely, it seems unchanged from how it was during its heyday.

Going viral

This strange tale took the internet by storm recently after a guy named Jonathon Pruitt uploaded an image of the long-lost fast food restaurant to Facebook. He’d recently stumbled upon it while exploring the mall and thought some people would be interested. From Facebook, the image then made its way to other platforms and ultimately went viral.

First job

Jonathon didn’t give much thought to what he was doing. He liked the look of this vintage Burger King he’d somehow discovered. It just seemed cool to him. That stands to reason, as his first-ever job had been at a branch of the fast food joint. So it was natural that he’d react strongly to discovering this vintage one hidden away.