How To Make TikTok’s Viral Japanese Soufflé Pancakes

Fluffy, airy, and downright Instagram-worthy, Japanese soufflé pancakes have taken the breakfast scene by storm. These pancakes, which originated in Japan, are known for their incredibly light texture and signature jiggle. They are also said to have been inspired by the French dessert soufflé, which is also known for being super light and springy. Japanese soufflé pancakes have exploded in popularity on TikTok, with thousands of users sharing videos of their attempts to recreate the pillowy pancakes at home. So whether you're a die-hard pancake enthusiast or just looking to switch up your breakfast routine, we highly recommend giving these cloud-like wonders a try. Just be warned: you may never go back to plain old American pancakes again!

What are Japanese soufflé pancakes?

Japanese soufflé pancakes are a delicious and unique twist on traditional pancakes, with their signature fluffy texture and impressive presentation. They start off with the same ingredients as the American variety — flour, eggs, and milk — but they get their signature height and fluffiness from the addition of the whipped egg white meringue. And thankfully, they’re surprisingly easy to make, although they might require a little bit of practice to get them just right.

The origins of Japanese soufflé pancakes

Soufflé Pancakes are a common breakfast and brunch dish in Japan, but they’ve become hugely popular in other parts of the world now, too. They are often served in trendy cafes and restaurants, and they have gained a reputation as a luxurious and indulgent treat. The dish has also gained popularity on social media, with many food bloggers and influencers sharing photos and videos of their own versions of the dish, especially on TikTok.

Why are Japanese soufflé pancakes so popular?

The popularity of Japanese soufflé pancakes on TikTok should hardly come as a surprise. After all, these pancakes are visually impressive and super-satisfying to watch as they puff up and rise in the pan. TikTok is a visual platform, and users are often drawn to videos that are aesthetically pleasing and shareable. The trend gained momentum as more people were spending time at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and they turned to cooking and baking as a way to pass the time and find comfort.

Perfect to cook at home

Plus, the trend of making Japanese soufflé pancakes at home taps into a larger trend that gained momentum during the pandemic: DIY and homemade cooking and baking. Many people started looking for ways to replicate the foods they love from restaurants and cafes at home, and the challenge of making soufflé pancakes from scratch is both fun and rewarding. Yes, it's totally possible to make restaurant-ready soufflé pancakes from your own home!