40 Genius Microwave Hacks For Lazy Chefs With High Standards

David Chang founded a restaurant group, including one eatery holding two Michelin stars, and revolutionized the American food industry. And he loves his microwave. “The microwave is a machine from the future here in the present day,” he proclaims. And he’s not the only one enamored with it. Top-level chefs and amateur cooks alike have shown us the most ingenious hacks to make the most of this under-loved appliance. So isn’t it about time you learned to stop worrying and love the microwave?

1. Make mashed potatoes

Chang recommends making mashed potatoes as the first step in your microwave-cooking journey. In a 2021 YouTube vid, the chef claimed the process is faster than other methods — and results in better-tasting taters. All you have to do is chop up some potatoes, season them, cover them with a vented lid, and cook. This way, you won’t lose any flavor in boiling water. Tasty!

2. Chips without dips

We’re going to put an end to a debate right now: the best kind of potato-based food is a potato chip. There, we said it. But did you know that you can make chips in the microwave? Nutritionist and chef Mareya Ibrahim told website Insider in 2019 that if you slice sweet potatoes super-thin, spritz them with oil and seasoning, and then microwave them for three minutes at full power, you’ll have chips on demand. “When they cool down, they’ll get crispy,” she advised.

3. Veggie heaven

Another gateway to learning to love the microwave is cooking mixed vegetables. Just chop ’em up, cover ’em, and zap ’em until they’re tender and yummy. “You’ll be amazed at how perfectly and fast they cook, all while staying crisp and delicious,” Chang told Architectural Digest magazine in 2021.

4. Rise and shine

Making bread takes a long time because of all the proving — but that’s where the microwave can help. According to website The Spruce Eats, you can shave 45 minutes off any rising times by popping your dough in the microwave. For a first rise, for instance, cover your dough in a greased, microwave-safe container. Then stick that in another microwave-safe pan filled with a cup of hot water. Now zap at 10 percent power for 10-14 minutes. Voila!